This is a collectable pin series released for Disney in ~(Year). This series of pins is similar to a previous 'Hot Air Balloon' pin mystery series, but is not known to be part of the same series. The collection contained 8 pins in total. Each pin pack contained a random selection of 2 pins. Each pin had a silver effect trim finish and were filled with hard enamel with some glitter accents.

The listing on the Disney Store read: 'Up up and away - Disney characters in beautiful hot air balloons theme our ''Adventure is Out There'' Mystery Pin Set, which includes two blind-boxed pins out of eight total designs in this series. You won't know which you've got until you open the box.'

This Series Edit

Series 1/1 contained 8 pins, listed below:

Adventure is out there full set

- Mickey Adventure is Out There 1/8

- Minnie Adventure is Out There 2/8

- Dopey Adventure is Out There 3/8

- Pinocchio Adventure is Out There 4/8

- Jiminy Cricket Adventure is Out There 5/8

- Cheshire Cat Adventure is Out There 6/8

- Simba Adventure is Out There 7/8

- Rapunzel Adventure is Out There 8/8

Price Edit

The cost of each box on the US Disney Store is $14.99, so the full worth of a full collection is based on $59.96.

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